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Benefits of outsourcing your distribution, transport and warehousing

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Companies, such as Dyson Logistics, who handle your company’s distribution, transport and warehousing needs across the world are known as international 3rd Partly Logistics (3PL) providers.

Using a 3PL provider offers a lot of advantages. Arranging your own transport, warehousing and logistics, can be time-consuming and potentially costly. Some of the benefits of using a 3PL provider include the following:

Cost savings

Using a 3PL means you don’t have to maintain your own storage space, potentially saving your business a lot of money.

3PL companies also generally manage large volumes of transport bookings, so they will be able to achieve discounted transport and storage rates.

Ability to scale

Many businesses experience fluctuations in demand for their products throughout the year. Using a 3PL allows you to manage these highs and lows in productivity more effectively without you having to commit when warehousing may not be a requirement.

Quicker delivery

3PL’s have access to a wide distribution network allowing delivery of your goods quickly and efficiently – to and from locations across the world.

Test new markets

With an international 3PL, such as Dyson Logistics, you have the flexibility to test the waters in new markets without having to commit to any major investments such as your own warehousing space or staff.

Mitigate risk

Shipping delays can happen, a 3PL can help you navigate through delays and manage your goods without you having to take on the stress and worry.

Our 3PL services include:

  • Domestic and international transport, storage and delivery
  • Road and rail transport
  • Warehouse storage
  • Short or long-term storage
  • Temperature-controlled storage
  • Container pack and unpack
  • Inventory control
  • Palletisation
  • Shrink-wrapping
  • Pick and Pack
  • Ongoing reporting

The Dyson difference

With state-of-the-art warehousing facilities in all major Australian hubs and across the globe, we can handle all your warehousing and distribution requirements with ease.

We can deal with all freight from 40-foot containers to small cartons to bulk bags and beyond. All information is easily accessible at any time, day or night via our online tracking capabilities and regular reporting procedures.

To find out more, contact us today on (02) 8339 1844 or via the contacts page.