By Andrea Dyson | Posted 5 May 2021

If you import or export as part of your business and want to save time, money and your sanity, then a freight forwarder can be a real asset.

Importing into, or exporting out of Australia can be an incredibly complex task. A freight forwarder will deal with everything for you. From arranging the transport to dealing with local and international regulations, laws and taxes on your behalf, relieving you of a lot of potential stress.

So, what does a freight forwarder do?

If you are importing into Australia or exporting to another country, a freight forwarder will arrange the whole process for you. From collection of goods from the manufacturing source right through to delivery to your door.

Cargo transportation

Freight forwarding companies, like Dyson Logistics, coordinate the shipment of goods from one destination to another using a range of methods including:

  • air freight,
  • sea freight,
  • road freight, and
  • rail freight.

Forwarding companies negotiate rates with the various transport services and get your goods cleared through customs and quarantine and delivered straight to your business.

You can use a freight forwarder for the whole process door-to-door, or you can simply choose individual services to suit your needs.

Examples of freight forwarder services

Freight forwarding services

  • Negotiate with shipping lines and other transportation companies to get the best rates for your delivery.
  • Clear your goods through customs and quarantine (local and international).
  • Arrange required export and import documentation.
  • Ensure your goods meet all local and international regulations and requirements.
  • Classify your products correctly to minimise your tax liability.
  • Pack and unpack your goods.
  • Safely store your goods (local and international).

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Benefits of using a freight forwarder for your business

The experience and knowledge of a reputable freight forwarder can potentially save you a huge amount of time, money and stress. By using freight forwarding services like Dyson Logistics, you will receive:

  • a team of experts in import and export tariffs rates, laws and regulations – saving you time and probably your sanity;
  • much cheaper freight rates by leveraging volume discounted prices – saving you money;
  • single point of contact rather than having to deal with services all over the world – simplifying the task of getting your goods to where they need to be;
  • dedicated and friendly customer service team to answer any questions you may have during the process – relieving you of potential worry and stress;
  • an experienced team who has solved a multitude of challenges that can often occur during what can be a complicated process – ensuring that whatever may arise they will deal with it quickly and efficiently;
  • the best freight forwarders, like Dyson Logistics, will also have Australian Trusted Trader accreditation with Border Force which means your cargo will receive preferential treatment at the border.

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