By Andrea Dyson | Posted 8 April 2021

Ever Given afloat but delays expected

Amazing images came out of Egypt in March 2021 of the massive Ever Given stuck in the Suez Canal. It made headlines for days and spurned the creation of hundreds of funny, and not so funny, memes.

At the height of the drama, 369 vessels were stuck on either side carrying an estimated $12.57 billion worth of goods in the world’s most expensive traffic jam.

Ever Given refloated in Suez CanalNow that the vessel is afloat, traffic is moving once again but the flow-on effect is expected to last for several weeks due to the following:

  • An expected loss of carrier capacity of around 20-30% due to the delays;
  • congestion at many ports as ships start arriving out of their slotted times;
  • and equipment and storage shortages.

So, unfortunately, we may expect delays into and out of Australian ports as a result. Added to this, carriers are charging higher sea freight rates.

We understand this is not ideal and we are working as hard as we can to get your cargo where it needs to be.

If you are concerned about your shipments, please us a call on (02) 8339 1844.